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To professionals working in the translation and Arabization sector
Individuals, companies, or translation departments in institutions
To all aspirants to achieve the requirements of the ISO standard
ISO 17100: 2015 For Translation Service Providers
Here are some questions

All the answers to these questions and more can be found in
 our Package:
"12 weeks of Coaching"
to get ready for your Initial Certification Audit.
- Full and focused supervision for 12 weeks long by one of the world's foremost industry experts, and
Senior Lead Auditor of the Austrian Certification Body 🇦🇹
Dr. Muhammad Ali Ibrahim
- Full training for team members until being able to apply the international standard requirements of the specific desired standard.
- Providing sample forms for all procedures, documents, and records
Including the quality manual and complete training to handle them.

All the answers to these questions and more can be found in
 our Package:
"12 weeks of Coaching"
to get ready for your Initial Certification Audit.
- Full and focused supervision for 12 weeks long by one of the world's foremost industry experts, and
Senior Lead Auditor of the Austrian Certification Body 🇦🇹
Dr. Muhammad Ali Ibrahim
- Full training for team members until being able to apply the international standard requirements of the specific desired standard.
- Providing sample forms for all procedures, documents, and records
Including the quality manual and complete training to handle them.

You define the needs for action and the implementation of the specific QM, and HR ISO Standard(s),
We deliver specialized Training Sessions which are Ideal for quality assistants, quality officers, quality managers, internal auditors, external auditors, top managers, company owners, project managers, and entrepreneurs.

Quality Management HR ISO Standards & ISO 9001: Courses & Certificates from Austria
Are you interested in further education or consultancy on quality management ISO 9001 and/or HR ISO Standards“?

Today, quality management is indispensable neither for production nor for service provision. Systematic quality management creates a positive trait for the customers and confidence in the expected quality of your products and services. Therefore, quality management not only helps you to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary costs but is also an important argument in marketing.

Besides the Training Sessions in General Quality Management, we also offer HR Specific Quality Management Training Sessions covering all ISO Standard Requirements in the HR fields: Assessment Service Delivery, client-oriented, Assessment Service Delivery, for Service Providers, Human Resource Management, Employee Engagement, Human Resource Management, Organizational Culture Metrics Cluster, Human Resource Management, Occupational Health, and Safety Metrics, Knowledge Management Systems, Human Resource Management, Guidelines on Recruitment, Human Resource Management, Sustainable Employability Management for Organizations, Human Resource Management, Cost-Per-Hire, Human Resource Management, Human Governance, Human Resource Management, Workforce Planning, Human Resource Management, Impact of Hire Metric, Human Resource Management, Quality of Hire Metric, Human Resource Management, Internal & External Human Capital Reporting, Human Resource Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resource Management, Turnover & Retention Metrics, Human Resource Management, Learning & Development, and Human Resource Management, Compliance & Ethics Metrics Cluster.

In-house Training / Internal Training:
We design a training for your specific HR-Needs, for instance in case you are preparing for an ISO Certification. We involve using the company’s own expertise and resources. It’s highly specific and geared toward employees learning the ropes of your business. We conduct the training virtually, at your location, or at an outside venue.

Quality Management training & courses at your location can also be booked for in-house sessions. This variant is available if you would like to have several employees undergo a seminar at the same time. The advantage of this model is that we come to you in the company and respond to your company-specific problems suburb. Likewise, as a company, you save costs that you normally incurred for expenses and overnight stays of your employees at the seminar location

Book and seize the opportunity to be accompanied by a professional international expert who brings your company to the world with the hrstandards certification for the field

Or book here a strategical session with the Senior Lead Auditor free of charge to discuss all the details:

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Dr. Mohamed-Ali IBRAHIM
Top Skills  
Quality & Risk Management, 
      Intercultural Skills,         
Management Consulting 
English, Arabic, German

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- Austrian State Award
- International German Award
- SABRE International Award (PR Oscar)
- Best Practice Award
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20 books (on Amazon) about Business Administration, Quality Management, and Translation Science.

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Dr. Mohamed-Ali IBRAHIM  
د. محمد علي إبراهيم  
My first quality reviewer
And director of the Middle East at
 I-LICS (International Localization Industry Certification System)
 Vienna - Austria
For the following translation sector specifications
ISO 17100 for Translation Service Providers,
ISO 13611 for Interpretation Service Providers,
and ISO 18587 for Machine Translation -
 Post-editing, covering: Consultation, Training, and Certification.
 A former member of the Standards Setting Committee at the Quality Authority and participated in developing a standard
EN15038, for the field of translation
Which became the basis
ISO certified
Quality certification grantor
In the field of translation for more
 From 100 companies all over the world
Deep experience over 500 reviews
 Formalin Quality Management Systems
And 230 evaluations of translation and localization companies worldwide
 Keynote speaker at many
From specialized international conferences
 Consultant, trainer, and coach
In Quality Management Systems since 1998
 MA in Languages ​​and Translation from the University of Graz, Austria
Ph.D. in Quality Management Systems and Risk Management


Dr. Mohamed
Mitsco Translation 
& Training

Cairo, 25/06/2020
Dear Dr. Mohamed Ali Ibrahim,
I am writing this letter to you to sincerely thank you for the great efforts you have exerted with our office along the last 12 years to help us upgrade the quality of our translation services to have equal footing with the superior translation offices which you audit all over the world.
No words can express our gratitude for your generous and continuous support.
We highly recommend you to any translator wishing to make use of such a great and unique expert in the field of ISO certification.
If any of your potential candidates desires to know more information from our side, please ask them not to hesitate to contact us or visit our website:

Managing Director
Staff 24

Sehr geehrter Dr. Ibrahim!
Besten Dank für ihre professionelle Begleitung unseres Qualitätssystems! Das angenehme Klima und ihr tiefgreifendes Verständnis unserer Abläufe, sowie ihre Unterstützung bei der Umsetzung unserer Maßnahmen haben unsere Entwicklung beflügelt!
Nochmals besten Dank für die objektive Behandlung beim Audit!

Business Development Manager

I was honored to work with the Senior Lead Auditor Dr. Ibrahim, one of the most respectable experts in the localization and language services industry.
One of his most important goals is to spread quality standards and encourage others to adhere to them as well as to develop their workflow to meet the international quality standards.
The certification process with Dr. Ibrahim helped us in STAR Middle East to improve our way of thinking, our processes, and tools, for the purpose of obtaining customer satisfaction.
In STAR Middle East, Dr Ibrahim helped our team to improve their quality and workflow. His advice and recommendations helped us a lot in upgrading our workflow and to ensure the highest level of quality.
 Dr. Ibrahim explained to us how to fulfill the requirements of the ISO standard and the certification process. He encouraged our team to work in accordance with international quality standards. I highly recommend other translation companies to work with him because he handled and managed his duties and given promises in a professional way.

TransNet Iran

Dear Dr. Ibrahim,
We had a very positive experience with you, First you helped us well understand the basic meanings of the various terms that are used in the translation world, then you helped us implement requirements of the ISO 17100, and finally you always had ideas to improve.
Thank you for your kind and professional cooperation for all this 5 years.

CEO at TRANSTEC LocalizationJune 24, 2020, Ahmad was a client of Ph.Dr. Mohamed-Ali’s

By way of mere coincidence before four years now, I was lucky to know Dr. Ibrahim. In the beginning, as always, the case for unknown areas, I was skeptical about ISO, certifications, and standards. In our first meeting, Dr. Ibrahim provides a professional short summary of ISO certification, and we have agreed to proceed to the next steps. We walked the steps together, preparing the certification manual, building the system, and educating all involved parties (stakeholders) with the standard translation process. However, unfortunately, we couldn't have the certification from the first initial audit, for some defaults in our system, however, under the guidance, patience, and support of Dr. Ibrahim, we were able, after three months from the date of the first audit, to achieve the certification. It was a very special deep-dive experience results in endless opportunities in terms of business development, developed mindset towards business, and quality perspectives, on the corporate level and personal level, for me myself as the company owner. Later to this experience, and fortunately, I had the honor to participate with Dr. Ibrahim through several conferences, workshops, meetings, and subsequent surveillance audits addressing the ISO certification. Through a very close dealing with Dr. Ibrahim, I knew him professional, tactful, highly committed, fulfilling his promises, supportive, enthusiastic, optimistic, and always inspire all people around him towards success and excellence. Throughout years of experience with Dr. Ibrahim, I believe he is a true influencer for whoever seeking excellence, success, professionalism, an updated business mindset, or has the entrepreneurial spirit on all levels, either corporate or personal. With all my best wishes and due respect,

 was a client
of Dr. Ibrahim

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim for three years , collaborating on several project teams. Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company. No matter how tense a meeting,Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim made sure everyone left with a smile. As a leader, Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim earns my highest recommendation.

ISO 17100 Lead Auditor and Certified Translation Provider
UN and Worldbank Registered Translation Vendor

My first encounter with Dr. Mohamad Ali Ibrahim was in 2008 when I embarked on obtaining my EN-15038 certification. From the first moment, I realized how professiona Dr. Mohamad is, as he knows the whereabouts of the translation business well.
Until this very day, Dr. Mohamad Ali Ibrahim was a man of his words, always keeping sharp appointments for the Audits he conducted.
Dr. Mohamad Ali Ibrahim and I took part in many events where we both delivered our expertise and knowledge about the ISO 17100 certification.
Dr. Mohamad Ali Ibrahim never tolerates any shortcomings or pitfalls on part of the people he does Audits for, but also he is very supportive and collaborative all the way.
The advices I have received throughout my entire acquaintance period with Dr. Mohamad Ali Ibrahim had a great impact on my business as a professional freelance translator.
Dr. Mohamad Ali Ibrahim always comes with brilliant ideas and I consider him one of the industry visionaries.
ما هو أعلاه لا يفيك حقك دكتور محمد بكل تأكيد
                               أخوك الأصغر سامح رجب

USAID ISO 17100 Certified Translator &
APTN-Certified Translator

Dear Dr. Mohamed,
Hope this email finds you well and safe. It is an honor to write such a testimonial ya Dr. Please find below a few humble words that would never reflect the real value you have. 😃
“I was first introduced to the subject of ISO 17100:2015 certification, almost 2 years ago. Given the complex scope and extensive logistics of the certification requirements, I thought it would take me ages to obtain it. However, when I got serious about pursuing all steps and requirements, I started with attending orientation sessions and online introductions conducted by Ph. Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim, ISO Senior Lead Auditor, Representative of MENA Region, and a remarkable expert in this field. He worked with me step by step to make the process as easy as possible, explaining how to build my professional qualifying Handbook that reflects my 20+ years of expertise, how to conform with every single detail within the ISO 17100 standards following the structured processes. Throughout Dr. Ibrahim`s supportive and exceptional guidance, he added more value at every stage I have been accomplishing to fulfill the requirements, providing me with key resources. He also helped me identify new methodologies to incorporate in my current processes, with a focus on business improvements.
Ph. Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim is a very professional, knowledgeable and easy expert to work with. His words of encouragement and inspiring approach made me feel more willing to deep dive for translation industry new technologies that were even emerging during my certification stage. Dr. Ibrahim drove me through the limitless boundaries of inspiration and non-stop learning.
I encourage all translators around the region to take this significant step towards a professionally recognized path. Acquiring ISO 17100:2015 demonstrates your commitment to meeting client/business needs by delivering best practice translation services, which can lead to higher profits and distinguished recognition. Applying such flawless process, translation management system is now stronger, easy to track, review, evaluate and come out with a reliable and consistent service.
I would like to thank you Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim for your professionalism both prior and during my recent certification process. It has been a great honor working with you. I appreciate all your efforts. I am looking forward to the surveillance audit next October ISA.”
Best Regards,
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