HR Quality Representative


Training for certified HR Quality Representatives

A blended training according to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 19011:2018



Quality Management HR Components:

Overview of various processes of quality management and their practical application:

  • the updated family of standards of the ISO 9000 series
  • basics of integrated management systems and TQM
  • structure, supervision, and permanent improvement of QMS
  • the ISO 9001 process management model
  • interpretation of standard requirements
  • procedures & tools, internal & external audits.

A personal certificate according to ISO/IEC 17024 issued by IQC AUSTRIA provides you with international recognition of your expert qualifications as a quality.

Furthermore, the basics of the Quality Management System Technical Terms:

  • Technical Terms related to Person or People
  • Technical Terms Related to Organization
  • Technical Terms Related to Activity
  • Technical Terms Related to Process
  • Technical Terms Related to System
  • Technical Terms Related to Requirements
  • Technical Terms Related to Result
  • Technical Terms related to Data, Information, and Documentation
  • Technical Terms related to Customer
  • Technical Terms related to Characteristic
  • Technical Terms related to Determination
  • Technical Terms related to Action
  • Technical Terms related to Audit

Fundamental Concepts: Quality / Quality Management System / Context of an Organization / Interested Parties / Support.

Quality Management Principles: / Customer Focus / Leadership / Engagement of People / Process Approach / Improvement / Evidence-based Decision Making / Relationship Management.

Developing the QMS using Fundamental Concepts and Principles: QMS Model / Development of QMS / QMS Standards, other Management Systems, and Excellence Models

Quality Management HR Components:

  1. Overview of the international standardized meanings of HR Quality Technical Terms (QTT) in the quality management world:
  • Quality Technical Terms related to HR Organization: (Governance, Organizational Cultural, Business Model, Strategy, Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Planning, Strategic Planning, Social Responsibility, Management, Performance Management, Management Style, Risk, Policy, Materiality, Feedback, Benchmarking).
  • Quality Technical Terms related to the Human Resources: (Human Capital, Human Resources (HR), Capacity Management, Capacity Plan, Human Resource Strategy, Human Resource Management (HRM), Organizational Values, Human Resource Planning (HRP), Human Resource Information System (HRIS), People Risk, Succession Plan, Performance, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Contingent Worker).
  • Quality Technical Terms related to people and organization in the HR quality world: (Interested Parties / Stakeholders, Staffing, Competence, Core Competence, Competency Model, Competence Framework, Leadership Competencies, Workplace, Career, Career Stage, Employee Referral).
  • Quality Technical Terms related to Human Resource Metrics: (Cost-Per-Hire Internal (CPHI), Cost-Per-Hire Comparable (CPHC), Cost-Per-Hire (CPH), Hire-Cost-Ratio (HCR), Compensation, Total Compensation, Productivity, Workforce Productivity, Quality of Hire, Retention Rate, Turnover Rate, Audit, Data Audit, External Cost Factor / External Cost, Internal Cost Factor / Internal Cost, System of Record, Compiler).
  • Quality Technical Terms related to Human Governance: (Human Governance etc. etc.
  • Quality Technical Terms related to Sustainable Employability: (Sustainable Employability, Sustainable Employability for the Individual, Sustainable Employability for Employing Organizations, Sustainable Employability for Public Sectors, etc., etc.).
  • Quality Technical Terms related to Diversity and Inclusion: (Diversity, Bias, Diversity Management, Diversity and Inclusion Climate Survey, Inclusion, Inclusiveness, Accommodation, Cultural Accommodation, etc.).
  • Quality Technical Terms related to Workforce Planning: (Workforce, Workforce Planning, Strategic Workforce Planning, Operational Workforce Planning, etc., etc.).
  • Quality Technical Terms related to Recruitment: (Recruitment, Requisition, Potential Talent Pool, Talent Pool, Applicant Pool, Applicant, Candidate, Person Specification, Job Specification, Assessment, Job Description, Pre-boarding, Boarding, Employ, Talent Mapping, etc., etc.).
  • Quality Technical Terms related to Workforce Mobility: (Workforce Mobility, Localization Compensation Strategies, Outsource, Job Evaluation, Job Satisfaction, etc., etc.).
  • Quality Technical Terms related to Talent Management: (Talent, Talent Management, High Potentials, etc., etc.).
  • Quality Technical Terms related to Knowledge Management: (Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management System, etc., etc.).


  1. Overview of the International Standards of the HR Quality World:
  • Assessment service delivery — Procedures and methods to assess people in work and organizational settings — Part 1: Requirements for the client
  • Assessment service delivery — Procedures and methods to assess people in work and organizational settings — Part 2: Requirements for service providers
  • Human resource management — Occupational health and safety metrics
  • Knowledge management systems — Requirements
  • Human resource management — Sustainable employability management for organizations
  • Human resource management — Cost-Per-Hire
  • Human resource management —human governance
  • Human resource management — Workforce planning
  • Human resource management — Impact of hire metric
  • Human resource management — Quality of hire metric
  • Human resource management — internal and external human capital reporting
  • Human resource management — Compliance and ethics metrics cluster

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2 International Diplomas from Austria, Vienna


4 days, each 6,5 hours +1 day for the exam

100 hours (26h presence + 74h online)


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