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Advanced Aspects of quality management Systems




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management SystemsEssential aspects for all employees and executives, as well as the first step in training individuals employed in quality management functions; you will be trained in the basic elements of quality management and its success factors.


Examination for Certified Quality Managers

A personal certificate according to ISO/IEC 17024 issued by IQC AUSTRIA provides you with international recognition of your expert qualifications as a quality manager.

Overview of various advanced processes of Quality Management and their practical application:

  • „QMS”: Successful Introduction & Further Development of a Management System
  • “ISO”: Implementation of QMS requirements according to ISO 9001:2015
  • “IQM” (Integrated Quality Management): On the Road to Personal & Business Excellence
  • “Methodologies”: Quality Management Method
  • “Audits”: Assessment of the Effectiveness of Management Systems
  • Context of the Organization: Understanding the Organization and its Context / Understanding the Needs and Expectations of Interested Parties / Determining the Scope of the Quality Management System / Quality Management System and its Processes
  • Leadership: Leadership and Commitment / Customer Focus / Policy / Establishing the Quality Policy / Communication of the Quality Policy / Organization Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities.
  • Planning: Actions to Address Risks and Opportunities / Quality Objectives and Planning / Planning of Changes
  • Support: Resources / People / Infrastructure / Environment for the Operation of Processes / Monitoring and Measuring Resources / Organizational Knowledge / Competence / Awareness / Communication / Documented Information / Creating and Updating / Control of Documented Information.
  • Operation: Operational Planning and Control / Requirements for Products and Services / Customer Communication / Determining the Requirements for Products and Services / Review of the Requirements for Products and Services / Changes to Requirements for Products and Services /
  • Design and Development of Products and Services / Planning / Inputs / Controls / Outputs / Changes.
  • Control of externally provided Processes, Products, and Services: Type and Extent of Control / Information for external providers / Production and Service Provision: Control of Production and Service Provision / Identification and Traceability / Property belonging to customers or external providers / Preservation / Post-delivery Activities / Control of Changes / Release of Products and Services / Control of Non-Confirming outputs.
  • Performance Evaluation: Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation / Customer Satisfaction / Analysis and Evaluation / Internal Audit / Management Review: MR- Inputs / Outputs.
  • Improvement: Nonconformity and corrective Actions / Continual Improvement / other International Standards on Quality Management and Quality Management Systems developed by ISO/TC176

Advanced Quality Management HR Components:

Overview of various advanced Quality Processes of the HR Industry:

  • Human Capital Reporting Process (General, Guiding Principles, Target Groups, and Stakeholder relevance
  • Tools and Procedures for Data Collections, Reporting Structure, Internal and External Reporting
  • Comparability of Reporting, Risk Management Relevance, Reporting Areas
  • Reporting Compliance and Ethics, Costs, Diversity
  • Leadership, Organizational Culture, Organizational Health & Safety Components, Productivity
  • Recruitment, Mobility, Turnover, Skills and Capabilities, Succession Planning
  • Workforce Availability, Reporting Documents, Reporting Frequency

Assessment service delivery — Procedures and methods to assess people in work and organizational settings — Part 1: Requirements for the client:

  • Quality Aspects of Agreement Procedure, Client Responsibilities, Competence, and Training, Anticipating Outcomes and Consequences, Supplementary Research Activities
  • Quality Aspects of Pre-Assessment Procedures, Identification of Assessment Needs, Assessment Services Recommendations, Assessment Services Agreement
  • Quality Aspects of Assessment Delivery, Steps Needed, Planning the Assessment, Informing Assessment Participants, Conducting the Assessment, Interpreting and Using Results, Providing Feedback, Evaluating the Assessment
  • Quality Aspects of Post-Assessment Review, Rights and Responsibilities of Assessments Participants
  • Quality Aspects of Supplemental Information on Technical Documentation of Assessment Methods and Procedures
  • Quality Aspects of Documentation of Assessment Methods and Procedures
  • Quality Aspects of Objectivity of Assessment Methods and Procedures during Implementation
  • Quality Aspects of Validity, Reliability, Fairness, Periodic Checks for Adequacy
  • Quality Aspects of Supplemental Information on Analysis and Interpretation of Results

Quality Aspects of Supplemental Information on Reporting

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2 International Diplomas from Austria, Vienna


16 days +1 (exam day)
200 h (64 h presence + 136 h online)


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