HR Quality Lead Auditor


Advanced Aspects of quality management Systems – Quality Lead Auditor




Advanced Aspects of quality management Systems – Quality Lead Auditor

HR Quality Lead Auditor


The updated ISO 19011

conclusions of the updated version of ISO 19011,

as a code of practice for:

  • the management of audit programs
  • the performance of audits on all management systems
  • enhancing the competence & assessment of auditors and auditor teams
  • the development of own audit requirements

Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor acc. to ISO 9001:2015 (IRCA approved)

This five-day course is for the serious quality management system auditor. A challenging course will equip you with the planning skills to lead an audit team, carry out complex supplier audits and external 3rd party audits and deliver accurate, dependable, and value-adding audit reports. This course has a strong process and continual improvement bias, suitable for those of you who are interested in auditing to establish the overall capability of the management system to sustain and improve its performance. The course has been adapted to take into consideration the release of ISO 9001:2015.

Overview of various advanced processes of quality management and their practical application:

  • Purpose & types of audits
  • Requirements set to internal auditors
  • Basics of quality & process management
  • Audit organization
  • Audit interviewing
  • Audit situations

A personal certificate according to ISO/IEC 17024 issued by TUV AUSTRIA provides you with international recognition of your expert qualifications as a Quality Auditor.

Specific Auditing Expertise

  • Principles of Auditing
  • Managing an Audit Program: Establishing Audit Program Objectives / Determining and Evaluation Audit Program Risks and Opportunities
  • Establishing the Audit Program: Roles and Responsibilities of the Individual(s) Managing the Audit Program / Competence of Individual(s) / Establishing the extent of Audit Program / Determining Audit Program Resources.
  • Implementing Audit Program: Defining the Objectives, Scope, and Criteria for an Individual Audit / Selecting and Determining Audit Methods / Selecting Audit Team members / Assigning Responsibilities for an Individual Audit to the Audit Team Leader/managing Audit Program Results / Managing and Maintaining Audit Program Records
  • Monitoring Audit Program
  • Reviewing and Improving Audit Program
  • Conducting an Audit: Initiating Audit / Establishing Contact with Auditee / Determining Feasibility of the Audit / Preparing Audit Activities: Performing Review of Documented Information / Audit Planning / Preparing Documented Information for the Audit
  • Conducting Audit Activities: Assigning Roles and Responsibilities of guides and observers 7 Conducting opening meeting / Communicating during the Audit / Audit Information Availability and Access / Reviewing documented information while Conducting Audit / Collecting and verifying information / Generating Audit Findings / Determining Audit Conclusions / Conducting Closing Meeting.
  • Preparing and Distributing Audit Report: / Preparation / Distribution / Completing / Conducting Follow-up
  • Competence and Evaluation of Auditors: Determining Auditor Competence / Personal behavior / Knowledge and Skills / Achieving Auditor Competence / Achieving Audit Team Leader Competence.
  • Establishing Auditor Evaluation Criteria / Selecting Appropriate Auditor Evaluation Method / Conducting Auditor Evaluation / Maintaining and Improving Auditor Competence.


Professional Quality Management HR Components:

Assessment service delivery — Procedures and methods to assess people in work and organizational settings — Part 2: Requirements for service providers

  • Quality Standards HR Service provider responsibilities
  • Quality Standards Relationship HR service provider/client
  • Quality Standards on Assurance of HR service provider competence
  • Quality Standards of Anticipating HR outcomes and consequences / Competence & Training
  • Quality Standards of Supplementary research & technical documentation on assessment methods: activities / Documentation / Objectivity / Validity / Reliability / Fairness / Periodic checks for adequacy etc.
  • Quality Standards of the Pre-Assessment procedures / Identifying of assessment needs / Assessment services recommendations
  • Quality Standards of Assessment delivery / various steps
  • Quality Standards on planning the assessment / Assessment plan / Security / Assessment participants’ right / Assessment participants’ data / Specifying feedback
  • Quality Standards on informing assessment participants / Provision of information / Enabling assessment participants to prepare for the assessment / Use of personal data / Confidentiality and anonymity
  • Quality Standards for conducting the assessment
  • Quality Standards on Interpreting and using results
  • Quality Standards on Preparing and providing reports / Preparing reports / Providing reports / Providing feedback
  • Quality Standards on Evaluating the assessment / Ongoing monitoring of the assessment / Periodically reviewing the assessment
  • Quality Standards on Post-assessment review
  • Quality Standards on Rights and responsibilities of assessment participants (guidelines & expectations)

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2 International Diplomas from Austria, Vienna


4 days, each 6,5 h +1 day for the exam
100 h

(26h presence + 74h onlin


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