ISO/TS 30423:2021

Human resource management — Compliance and ethics metrics cluster


ISO 30414 highlights guidelines on the following core human capital reporting (HCR) areas:
  •  compliance and ethics;
  •  costs;
  •  diversity;
  •  leadership;
  •  organizational culture;
  • organizational health, safety, and well-being;
  •  productivity;
  • recruitment, mobility, and turnover;
  •  skills and capabilities;
  •  succession planning;
  •  workforce availability.
This document deals specifically with the cluster of metrics in the compliance and ethics area. Compliance with codes of ethics and internal policies is a major challenge for all kinds of organizations.
The metrics within the compliance and ethics cluster, as documented in ISO 30414, are:
  • 1) Number and type of grievance filed.
    A grievance is a formal complaint within the workplace. There are many reasons why a grievance can be raised, e.g. harassment, or discrimination.
  • 2) Number and type of concluded disciplinary actions.
    Disciplinary action means the process of dealing with job-related behavior that does not meet expected and communicated workplace regulations.
  • 3) Percentage of employees who have completed training on compliance and ethics.
    This metric is defined as the percentage of employees who have completed training on the content of business ethics, e.g. the code of conduct of the organization, compliance rules, or moral dilemmas in a given period.
  • 4) Disputes referred to external parties.
    This metric indicates the work environment where the external resolution of internal disputes becomes necessary. The number of workforce-related disputes that are reported as being referred to third parties with appropriate jurisdiction provides a picture of the organizational climate.
  • 5) Number, type, and source of external audit findings and actions arising from these.
This course describes the following components for each of the above metrics:
  •  description
  •  purpose
  •  formula
  •  how to use
  •  intended user(s)
  •  contextual factors
  •  predictive factors.


This course describes the elements of compliance and ethics. This course provides the formula for comparable measures for internal and external reporting.
This course also highlights issues that need to be considered when interpreting the compliance data, especially when deciding on the appropriate intervention internally and when reporting these to external stakeholders (e.g. regulators, and investors).

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