ISO/TS 30411:2018

Human resource management — Quality of hire metric


Measurement, analysis, and improvement of the recruitment process are essential, as highlighted in ISO 30405. The quality of hire metric (QoH) is critical for determining the effectiveness of the recruitment process and has a consequential impact on an organization’s performance. As such, the QoH has emerged as the single most important performance metric for talent acquisition teams.
According to Jac Fitz, quality is defined by the customer and depends upon the satisfaction of the customer. For recruitment, quality of hire relates to the satisfaction of the stakeholders with the performance of the new hire and can be assessed as the percentage of products/services that meet or exceed expectations.
Recruitment is a gateway or entry into an organization and all stakeholders are interested in assessing the QoH. Regardless of who uses what measures, one thing is obvious: everyone is concerned about the quality of hire and wants to use a credible framework to determine the success of the recruitment process.


This course provides a range of options to measure the quality of hire that can be aligned to various business and organizational conditions. The QoH structure includes:
  •  purpose;
  •  formula;
  •  definition;
  •  how to use the metric:
    •  intended users;
    •  contextual factors for interpretation.
This course excludes measuring the “Impact of Hire” and “Retention of Hire” as these are covered by separate technical specification documents. QoH is intended to be scalable to the needs of any organization regardless of size, industry, or sector and is relevant to people with an interest in workforce planning, organizational design and development, talent management succession planning, recruitment, and human capital reporting.


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