ISO/TS 30410:2018

Human resource management — Impact of hire metric


In an increasingly competitive and resource-sensitive market, the impact of critical positions on organizational performance differentiation is significant. This has created a growing awareness that organizational focus needs to shift from efficiency and effectiveness to impact measures that can provide insights to support timely, informed, and consistent strategic decision-making that contributes to maximizing organizational value.
To have an impact, measures should focus on those components that make a strategic difference to organizational outcomes: the quality of appointment decisions and, in particular, appointments to critical positions and the performance of the people in those positions, which is identified here as the impact of hire.
Impact measurement refers to the critical positions’ contribution to the success of the organization during a defined period.
A critical position is a role that has a direct and significant impact on organizational outcomes and competitive advantage.
The impact of hire, therefore, only pertains to those positions that are most critical to the organization's strategy. This course provides an approach to measuring the impact of a critical position’s contribution to maximizing value for the organization.
The focus of this course is on critical positions, the performance of individuals who hold critical positions, and the identification of metrics that can be used to evaluate their impact, respectively, and collectively on organizational value.


This course identifies:
  • principles for determining critical positions by using workforce segmentation approaches.
  •  measures to determine the impact of critical positions, and the performance of people hired into these positions, on organizational value creation and performance.
This course is intended to be scalable to the needs of any organization regardless of size, industry, or sector and is relevant to people with an interest in workforce planning; organizational design and development; talent management, succession planning, and recruitment; and metrics and human capital reporting.

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