ISO 30408:2016

Human resource management — Guidelines on human governance


People are at the heart of every organization. For an organization to achieve long-term sustainable success, it is important to consider all stakeholders within the governance system.
All organizations have governance. Governance refers to the system by which organizations are directed, controlled, and held accountably. Governance defines rules, systems, processes, and behavior. To be effective, a governance system needs to consider the whole organization in all of its dimensions. Effective governance promotes confidence in both present and future stakeholders (employees, investors, shareholders, customers, and other interested parties) in the long-term viability of the organization. Effective governance contributes to strategic decision-making by creating responsible, accountable, well-managed, and value-focused organizations.
Human governance refers specifically to the system or systems by which people within an organization are directed and held accountable. The governance of people is as important as the governance of physical assets or financial capital, and how this is done is instrumental in promoting appropriate behavior within an organization. By considering human and social factors in the decision-making process, the human governance system will lead to positive outcomes for all stakeholders.
By aligning effective human governance practices with strategic planning, the organization can:
  • respond to organizational, regulatory, and operational needs;
  •  anticipate and manage human resource risks;
  •  ensure associated costs are managed and the value of such investments is measured;
  • develop an organizational culture that reflects its organizational values;
  • foster increased management, effective communication, and collaboration across all stakeholders;
  •  optimize overall performance.
The purpose of this course is to provide organizations with guidelines to structure a human governance system and align it to the needs of the organization.
This course provides guidelines for the alignment of relationships, roles, and responsibilities within human governance systems, recognizing that these systems are fundamental for directing behavior within an organization.

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