12 Weeks Of HR Coaching services, To Get Ready For Your Initial Certification Audit

Complete HR Coaching

Complete HR Coaching including onsite & virtual meetings, plus all needed email correspondence, telephone calls,
Check-Lists/Self Assessment analyzed standard original texts, and all needed documentation with practical samples, etc.
until you are 100% ready for the Certification Audit.

HR Coaching by Dr M.A Ibrahim

HR Coaching

Coaching has established itself as a central consulting format in HR development and leadership work. With the changed understanding of the role of HR, coaching competence is also more in demand than ever from HR professionals. In consulting with management, executives, and employees, coaching opens up new possibilities to support the interlocutors in the process of finding their own solutions.

In our HR-specific coaching program, you will learn how to use HR methods and international standards complementary to professional deployment in your daily HR role. We focus on the ISO international standards in the HR fields.

Target group

Who is our coaching program aimed at?

HR employees, HR managers, HR officers, HR business partners, HR, and organizational developers want to integrate the subjects of the international ISO standards.


How is the content of the HR coaching conveyed?

In addition to the applicable practical knowledge, this program offers sufficient room for applying and transferring what has been gained into business practice. Group and partner work, act-storming, case studies, and a variety of practice opportunities in coaching and consulting sequences.

To professionals working in the Human Resources  sector

Individuals, companies, or HR departments in institutions

To All Aspirants To Achieve The Certificates Of The Fields:

ISO 10667-1:2020 / ISO 10667-2:2020 / ISO 24179:2020 / ISO 30401:2018 / ISO 30405:2016 / ISO 30406:2017 / ISO 30407:2017 /

ISO 30408:2016 / ISO 30409:2016 / ISO 30410:2018 / ISO 30411:2018 / ISO 30414:2018 / 30423:2021

Or any other Standard of the field (s. Application Form)

Here are some questions

* Do you find it difficult to escape from the daily work to start your certification program?
* Do you lack the experience to answer the many raised questions?
* Do you read the requirements of the standard and can not apply them on the ground? Or you apply but you don't know if it is correct in that way?
* Do you lack knowledge about the nature of documents, records, and necessary procedures to complete the preparation for the Certification Audit?
* Do you have the feeling that you and your team need specialized training on the standard requirements for the proper application?
* Do you lack experience in dealing with the official Certification Body or their certifying Lead Auditor?

All The Answers To These Questions And More Can Be Found In our Package:

"12 weeks of HR Coaching" to get ready for your Initial Certification Audit.

- Full and focused supervision for 12 weeks long by one of the world's foremost industry experts, and
Senior Lead Auditor of the Austrian Certification Body
Dr. Muhammad Ali Ibrahim

- Full training for team members until being able to apply the international standard requirements of the specific desired standard.

- Providing solutions for all your questions on procedures, documents, and records
to complete the needed quality manual and complete training to handle them.

Full HR Coaching for team members until reaching the grade of being well prepared for the Initial Certification Audit

Complete absorption and application of international standard requirements
Book and use the opportunity to be accompanied by a professional international expert who leads your company or department to the international ISO certification of your field.
Conditions for application and admission
Individuals: university degree in languages ​​and translation, or any other specialty with two years of documented work full time as a translator, or without a university degree, but five years of documented full-time experience as a translator.


Companies: an official entity, or a section of an institution, a business license in the field of translation.
All you have to do is watch and finish the video to understand the point of HR coaching

Book and seize the opportunity to be accompanied by a professional international expert who brings your company to the world with the ISO certification for the field

Or book here a strategical session with the Senior Lead Auditor free of charge to discuss all the details:

The Zoom meetings are intended only for Organizations, NOT for Freelancers

Top Skills  

Quality & Risk Management,
Intercultural Skills,
Management Consulting
Master in Translation Studies
Master in Interpretation


English, Arabic, German


- Austrian State Award
- German International  Award
- SABRE International Award (PR Oscar)
-Best Practice Award, Vienna-Austria
-Top Expert 2021 in Quality Management (Erfolg 2021)

Publications المؤلفات

Books (on Amazon) about Business Administration, Quality Management, and specific industry fields.
The most important literature on the platform AMAZON

The 250-page practical book includes

Text and analysis of the international standard

The required documents and procedures forms




• Senior Lead Auditor by TÜV AUSTRIA
• Director of i-HRCS (International Human Resources Certification System), Vienna - Austria

• Lead Auditor for the following ISO HR Standards:

ISO 10667-1:2020 / ISO 10667-2:2020 / ISO 24179:2020 / ISO 30401:2018 / ISO 30405:2016 / ISO 30406:2017 / ISO 30407:2017 / ISO 30408:2016 / ISO 30409:2016 / ISO 30410:2018 / ISO 30411:2018 / ISO 30414:2018 / 30423:2021

ISO 9001:2015: Quality Management Systems, the International PR Standard CMS

ISO Standards in the Education: ISO 29991:2014 / ISO 29993:2017 / ISO 29994:2017 / ISO 21001:2018

Plus the following 10 further ISO Standards in the Translation/Localization/MPE industry: ( ISO 21989, ISO 20228, ISO 2603, ISO 24019, ISO 18841, ISO 21720, ISO 20771, ISO 22259, ISO 11669, ISO 23155).

covering: Consultation, Training, and Certification in the HR fields.

Dr. Ibrahim has conducted more than 700 Audits in different industry fields and Quality Management sectors.

Key-note speaker at the international sector conferences

Trainer, Coach, Consultant, and Lead Auditor since 1998

Ph.D. in Quality & Risk Management