i-HRCS, International HR Certification System is an international institute based in Vienna, Austria offering the following HR specific services:

  • Consultation Services

  • Training Services

  • Auditing Services

  • Certification Services

TUV AUSTRIA, is our strategic partner and the certificates issuing Certification Body.

Court of Registration: Commercial Court Vienna, Austria

“Company Protocol & Register No FN 399116 k – Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Austria”


Our specific HR Services cover the following areas:
  • Assessment Service Delivery, client-oriented
  • Assessment Service Delivery, for Service Providers
  • Human Resource Management, Employee Engagement
  • Human Resource Management, Organizational Culture Metrics Cluster
  • Human Resource Management, Occupational Health, and Safety Metrics
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Human Resource Management, Guidelines on Recruitment
  • Human Resource Management, Sustainable Employability Management for Organizations
  • Human Resource Management, Cost-Per-Hire
  • Human Resource Management, Human Governance
  • Human Resource Management, Workforce Planning
  • Human Resource Management, Impact of Hire Metric
  • Human Resource Management, Quality of Hire Metric
  • Human Resource Management, Internal & External Human Capital Reporting
  • Human Resource Management, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Human Resource Management, Turnover & Retention Metrics
  • Human Resource Management, Learning & Development
  • Human Resource Management, Compliance & Ethics Metrics Cluster
  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Integrated Management System (IMS)

Our Services

Consulting, Training, Auditing, and Certification

Consultation Services:

Within the preparation process for your ISO certification, we provide you with the necessary know-how and prepare your organization and your team specifically for your certification audit. With a clear Implementation Plan. Simple and understandable. We work with you to develop an easy-to-understand version of the QM documentation according to ISO 9001:2015 plus all other specific ISO HR Standards. Click here to learn more.

Training Services:

In national and international competition, a quality management system is no longer sufficient for companies today. Even certified companies emerge in areas such as development, design, marketing, and process planning causes errors that lead to high costs. Every company and team, especially in the HR fields, now need a comprehensive training plan to cover all critical and HR-specific areas. We deliver a unique portfolio of HR training subjects. Click here to learn about our training fields.

Auditing Services:

We provide auditing services in the specific fields of Human Resource Management. We offer all kinds of Auditing Services from Internal Auditing through Supplier Auditing, Process Auditing, Compliance Auditing until Pre-Certification Auditing. Click here to learn more about our Auditing Services.

Certification Services:

To be certified by the International Certification Body TÜV AUSTRIA creates trust and is objective proof of the quality of the products or services you deliver. The certificates from TÜV AUSTRIA are primarily intended as clear and compact information for buyers, decision-makers, and clients. We provide Certification Audits, with added-value, in all related HR Standards. Click here to learn about our service details

Our Mission

To realize our Vision, we have established Policies, Processes, Procedures, Strategy and dedicated Programs and Services designed to:

  1. Establish robust and effective means of enhancing professionalism in the case of Training, Consulting, and Auditing Services, but safeguarding impartiality in case of Certification Services.
  2. Effectively look for, tune in and act on our Client’s feedback.
  3. Persistently create our team and competence assurance processes.
  4. Interact and engage with the HR stakeholders to share best practice and stay up-to-date

Our Vision

I would like to develop a global HR brand with an international reputation by delivering branch-specific dedicated  Consulting, Training, Auditing, and Certification Services that professionally benefit our client organizations worldwide.

For questions regarding our services, please contact us: [email protected]

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